Hummus v’Hummus

Hummus v’Hummus is a new fast casual Israeli food concept from acclaimed local chef and restaurateur, Avi Shemtov. Hummus v’Hummus showcases an innovative menu of Israeli style comfort foods made with only the freshest ingredients and featuring the star of the concept: hummus. Featuring a bowl centric menu, Hummus v’Hummus offers Shemtov’s signature hummus, a variety of creative rice bowls and salads, as well as fresh locally made pita and Jachnun, a Yemeni slow cooked bread.

Credited with being part of the movement to popularize Israeli cuisine globally, Israeli-American Chef Avi Shemtov opened his first restaurant, The Chubby Chickpea, in 2010 in Boston as a quick serve Israeli street food concept and less than two years later launched The Chubby Chickpea Food Truck to critical acclaim. In 2017, The Shemtov Group was founded and Shemtov went on to debut four more distinctly unique Israeli inspired food concepts including the award-winning Simcha and a La Esh, Arabe Food Truck, and now his newest venture, Hummus v’Hummus.

“Since the very first day I opened the Chubby Chickpea in 2010, I’ve dreamed of bringing my food to Chestnut Hill. When my wife and I got married, we lived around the corner from The Street and we have fond memories of grabbing a bite from a few of the amazing restaurants that were there at the time. To be able to land in Chestnut Hill and join the folks responsible for so much great food in the neighborhood over the last two decades is a dream come true for me and my family,” says Avi Shemtov, Chef and Owner of Hummus v’Hummus.

Order ahead for Thanksgiving! To order, click here (please indicate that you’ll be picking up in Chestnut Hill) or email ERIK@THECHUBBYCHICKPEA.COM.

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