OddFellows’ new Boston brown bread flavor previews the O Ya and Hojoko team’s soon-to-open Chestnut Hill restaurant.

An autumn-ready new flavor at OddFellows Ice Cream Company doesn’t just help the new Chestnut Hill scoop shop welcome the season, it also helps OddFellows welcome a new neighbor, Bianca by Tim and Nancy Cushman.

Boston brown bread is the latest flavor in the “Boston’s Finest x OddFellows” collaboration series, which tasks local toques with creating limited-edition flavors for the New York City export’s location at the Street. The Cushman Concepts collaboration launches October 1 at OddFellows—which is a couple months ahead of Bianca’s anticipated opening next door.

Tim and Nancy Cushman’s restaurant empire began in Boston with O Ya, and has since grown to include Fenway spots Hojoko at the Verb Hotel, and Gogo-Ya and Ms. Cluck’s Deluxe inside Time Out Market; O Ya and Covina in New York City; and the brand-new O Ya Mexico City.

At the Street, they are creating an anytime restaurant—with wood-fired pizza, among other fire-roasted menu items—for the Chestnut Hill area, they recently told the Boston Globe. The name, to them, means “blank slate,” meaning “whatever we want to do,” Tim Cushman said, whether that’s family-friendly weekend brunch or date night dinner and drinks.

Boston brown bread, of course, is a traditional New England flavor. O Ya pastry chef Nik Mastalerz, who will also be involved with Bianca, collaborated with OddFellows on the recipe: a brown bread-infused ice cream base with a swirl of salted caramel, flecked with pieces of dark chocolate and fermented raisins—which re-creates the richly sweet, savory combination that tops O Ya’s iconic foie gras nigiri.

“The Cushmans’ restaurants are local institutions and their creative team is second to none,”said OddFellows co-owner Mohan Kumar in a press release. “We are honored to be a part of Bianca’s story before it opens and becomes our neighbor this winter,” he continued, to offer this “super specific Boston flavor that is fun and really interesting on the tongue.”

Boston brown bread is the second Boston’s Finest x OddFellows collab, following a sold-out basil chip batch by Karen Akunowicz of Fox & the Knife. It’s one of several new fall flavors launching today at the Street scoop shop, along with peanut butter s’mores, matcha rocky road, smoked almond butterscotch pecan pie, and coffee sundae.

The Bianca preview will be available by the scoop until it’s sold out; the restaurant, meanwhile, is eyeing a wintertime debut.

OddFellows’ Boston brown bread ice cream, inspired by O Ya and Bianca, a Chestnut Hill neighborhood restaurant by Tim and Nancy Cushman. / Photo courtesy of OddFellows Ice Cream

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