Hummingbird Books

Hummingbird Books is a welcoming community destination for finding the latest bestsellers alongside the classics. As an independent and female-owned bookstore, Hummingbird Books offers an extensive collection of adult and children’s books that showcases a mix of local and widely beloved authors. In addition to its book selection, Hummingbird Books offers a variety of games, giftable items, candy, and stationery, as well as in-store programming including storytimes, book signings, and more.

Founded by Boston area native Wendy Dodson, with local team members Andrea Chiang and Rachel Walerius, Hummingbird Books is Wendy’s first bookstore in the Boston area. She was previously the owner of the famous Valley Bookstore in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Wendy inspired and connected its community through books for over eight years. Wendy is now ecstatic to be home, bringing her passion for books and her vision for a neighborhood bookstore to The Street, located just a few blocks away from her family.

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